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If you Watch Just One Video on the 2008 Recession…

Are you frustrated by the economic downturn that began in 2008 and still continues to this day? While the majority of the major news networks will claim that economists are clueless about why it began, a smaller group know the exact causes. Keynesian economists, such as the popular Paul Krugman, who now writes for the New York Times, often trump the Austrian economists in the news even though they have everything backwards. Outspoken economists and political figures like Peter Schiff and Ron Paul, who subscribe to the Austrian economic model, predicted the recent downturn years ago. Dr. Paul even warned of it extensively during his presidential campaign but was largely ignored and mocked as an outcast by Rupert & Co. et al. If you’re wondering what this Austrian model is all about, I have something fantastic to show you. And trust me, as boring as learning economic models sounds, the ...(Read More)