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Embryonic First Impressions

I love The Flaming Lips; well, everything they’ve done since Clouds Taste Metallic that is. With the exception of a few songs, their early stuff just doesn’t really appeal to me much. I’d describe the band’s current music as a crazy mix between Pink Floyd and Radiohead. The music definitely pays homage to the 60s and 70s, which is at this point my favorite music era – I have more favorite groups from that time period than any other and I think the explosion of creativity and rebellion was absolutely incredible. As just one example, ever notice how My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion is basically a loose cover of The Kinks’ End of the Season? There also seem to be several similarities to Pink Floyd’s early work. Wow! Speaking of Pink Floyd, I was just reading a bit on Wikipedia and noticed that the band’s next album will be a cover ...(Read More)